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HW&W First Take (Episode III) w/ O&A, LAKIM & Elaquent

We’re back with another installment of HW&W First Take. This time Elaquent & Lakim join Oakley & Allen at the roundtable to discuss all the latest happenings in sports.

Cleveland Cavaliers v New Jersey Nets

O&A: Y’all ready to talk shit about some sports stuff? 

Elaquent: Let’s get it. 

LAKIM: “Gyeah.” – MC Eiht 

O&A: Haha, first topic up for debate : the NBA offseason…I guess the better question would be, are you in favor or against Bron Bron going “home”? 

LAKIM: LeBron made the right decision in going back to Cleveland. I just didn’t think it’d be this soon. Blame D. Wade’s Mr. Glass ass knees for that happening, lol… 

Elaquent: I have no problem with LBJ going home. I would’ve had a problem if he went literally anywhere else because then he would look like someone who only jumps onto winning teams. Although I’m hearing he may have known Kevin Love was on the way in before he wrote that letter. 

O&A: True, although I really thought the Lake show had a chance getting LBJ at one point…oh how that would’ve turned shit sideways. 

Elaquent: I never thought for a moment the Lakers had a chance in the LBJ sweepstakes. Not with Jim Buss’ fuckboy ass running the show. 

LAKIM: Jim Buss is single handedly ruining the Lakers’ chance of landing ANY marquee free agents. He needs to hand them keys over to Mitch A$AP, lol. 

Elaquent: Immediately, lol. 

O&A: Randle is a glimmer of hope. 

Elaquent: I like Randle, I’ll give the lakers credit for that. And I’m not really mad about getting Boozer or Jeremy Lin.

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Words feat. Elton Brand


"D, tenacious D," says Clyde Frazier.


"Fuck you pussy," says Melo to KG.