The 5 w/Alex Wong

The 5 is a simple set of five either/or questions. Guests can answer them however they wish.


Today we’re joined by blog pal Alex Wong aka: steven lebron, who has a book each one of you should immediately purchase HERE and very cool website you can visit HERE.

Now the questions…

1) ”Hey Ma”

Cam’Ron’s verse on R. Kelly’s “Snake”
"Hey Ma", no doubt. Although shoutout to this live performance of Killa Cam at the Apollo. I get chills every time Opera Steve does the chorus. BTW, does “dick on her nose, now she’s cock-eyed” even make it to a slideshow of top 20 most ridiculous lines on Purple Haze?
2) ”Manhattan”
"The Royal Tenenbaums"
I’ve never seen Manhattan. (interview over?)
3) JR Smith
DeMarcus Cousins
Neither. Give me J.R.’s sister instead. 
4) Masta Ace

Buckshot! Boot Camp Clik was so underrated. In terms of replay value and Limewire album downloads, they were up there with Wu-Tang for me.
5) Kenny Anderson
Rod Strickland
Kenny Anderson in a landslide. Come on, Penis Monologues? Winner by TKO.
Thanks for reading, until next time…
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